Paul Baiguerra



Paul was raised in a coal mining town in a benevolent version of a Godfather movie (Italian Father, gambler, major employer in town, did favours, no crime…that he know’s of…). An interest in theatre and photography lead to running an amateur youth theatre company, and realising film was his calling.

Instead, he went into directing commercials and corporate media and became quite good at shifting inconsequential widgets. Years passed and with a litany of well honed excuses he craftily avoided writing anything.

This ended abruptly when he realised he was miserable because he wasn’t writing. It was clear that he could either get serious about doing this or suffer the consequences. He chose the former and happily rearranged his life around pursuing a writing career.

When he’s not writing he is volunteer firefighting.

He also makes an excellent mushroom risotto


The Dunes

Crime Thriller

A volunteer firefighter is thrust into an unfamiliar and dangerous world when his corrupt cop friend kills a driver in order to steal drugs and money from the scene of a car accident. Complicit and compromised he’s forced to choose between saving his family or his friend from the criminals determined to get their goods.

Academy Nicholl Quarter Finalist


Snake Oil

Dark Comedy/Drama

When a hopeless young real estate agent, Chris, is fired from his job he falls under the spell of wealth creation guru Harry Kane. Harry delivers riches to his newest acolyte but things turn sour when industry regulators look to bring Harry undone. As the pressure mounts Chris just wants to make money, but Harry wants him to make a killing.

Austin Film Festival Semi Finalist


Two Graves

Psychological Thriller

A vineyard manager’s idyllic life is interrupted when a guest turns out to be someone he shares a dark past with. Shock at the realisation gives way to terror when it becomes clear that this man’s arrival was no coincidence.

PAGE Quarter Finalist



After a woman slaughters her family in a murder/suicide her identical twin has to return to the religious cult they fled as teenagers to inform their mother, the cult leader, and to confront the demons of her own mind.



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